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Home Guttering

The main purpose of a rain gutter is to protect a building's foundations by channeling water away from its base. The gutter also helps to reduce erosion, prevents leaks in basements, protects painted or stained surfaces by reducing exposure to water,and provides a means to collect rainwater for later use.

Gutters are also very effective at keeping building egress areas clear of falling water. Going into a house entrance below water running straight off the roof in a heavy down pour is literally like taking a shower. This major reduction in moisture also helps to keep entrance surfaces dry and free of moss, slime, algae and other growths likely to cause slips.

Gutters from FreefoamGutter Cleaning & Repairs

We understand how stressful cleaning out your gutters can be. Having to climb up a ladder and taking risks maintaining your gutter can save you money in the long run by preventing more costly gutter repairs. However, why do it yourself? Home Style Fascias and Cladding ltd are here to help! We know exactly what we are doing every step of the way. We will carefully clean your gutters and take care not to damage any fixtures or fittings along the way. One of the biggest reasons for broken gutters is usually due to a property owner looking to save money by doing it themselves and causing damage to the guttering.

Common Items That Can Block Your Gutters:

Leaves, Moss, Lichen, Algae, Dirt, Silt, Sand, Conkers, Acorns

Call:023 8037 1883 for Gutter Clearance in Hampshire or 01202 355 825 for Gutter Clearance in Dorset

Gutters from FreefoamDrainpipe Assessment

Home Style Fascias and Cladding ltd carry out an assessment of your drainpipe issues. Check the down-pipes for blockages and carry out any necessary clearances. We will remove any and all debris from the gutters and ensure your property is left as clean as it was found - gutter clearing can be a messy task - we'll ensure all mess is cleared up and that no foul odours are left behind.

Gutters from FreefoamGuttering Installation

We offer the Freeflow® range of innovative, high quality PVC-U rainwater systems for our guttering installs. 

Each rainwater system is co-extruded with a white interior and a range of exterior colours – Freefoam’s innovative solution to the problems associated with rapid heat absorption and expansion of gutters.

The Freeflow range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and quick installation. Freeflow is available in a wide range of styles including square line, ogee, half round and deep. In addition, it comes in a range of standard colours including white, black and brown. 

Call 023 8037 1883 for Gutter Installations in Hampshire

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